Women's World Day of Prayer - German Committee(WDP) has been supporting this project for 4 years. This project is for preventing women and children from trafficking victims. In the works, sustainable empowerment of community and community based initiation on the human trafficking completed in twenty five villages in Nagapattinam and Tiruvarur district. Further 45 villages benefited in the two districts.
                            1.   People committee organized and trained
                            2.   Retrieved from trafficking
                            3.   Coaching centre
                            4.   Counseling programme
                            5.   Trained to skill trades from the retrieved
                            6.   IGP supports/ rehabilitation for the retrieved girls/women.
In further 3 years new project in Dindigul district and Tiruppur District is taking place for implementation at 41 tribe villages with the following main activities
                               Motivation meeting
                               People watching committee empowerment
                               Training on prevention and rehabilitation
                               Legal supports
                               MFP training

Motivation /PRA programme

Women training on trafficking prevention

This training is given to the risk girls/women and victims of trafficking and further widows and destitute women are also got the training They are to be completed the training by six months and then they will start garments concern by Govt subsidy and loan that will be facilitated by ROSI foundation.

They are averted from trafficking victims, abuse and exploitation toward economical independence. Some of them are provided with sewing machine and other materials for Garments business under our widows/destitute support programme.

Coaching centres are being run in Vedaraniyam project area in two villages. The children and teachers are there in the photos.

Another one coaching centre

Trafficking affected girls. They have been retrieved and rehabilitated.

This is a three year project supported by Women World Prayer Germen Committee (WDP). Motivation and mobilisation of community, people committee function, skill training, retrieving and rehabilitation, lobby/advocacy, legal action and rejoining in to school are main work in the programme. People committee formation and promotion, Skill training, motivation meeting, school children motivation, RCH training, counseling programme,, coaching centre function, training women SHGs and workshop are main activities of the project. Prevention from trafficking, retrieving from trafficking and relief and rehabilitation to the victims are main theme of the project.

Training on Human trafficking prevention

Women empowerment in alternative Skill training

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