Staff Team

Staff Members

  • Director


    He is a B.E Degree holder and has done course on food processing from CFTRI Mysore and EDP REC Trichy.He has scord experiences in traditional (Herbal) healing system. He has worked as consultant and trainer in various NGOs and delevepment organisation.

  • Programme Manager


    She is destitute lady and got B.Sc.B.Ed degrees. She is coming from bottom level of the society and remote areas. she is also a woman activist. she has been working in ROSI for the last half years.

  • Project coordinator


    He has scored an experience of 27 years in social service as Trainer, Activist, NGO head, etc. He has been working for the last two years in ROSI's tribe development programme as project coordinator. He is in-charge to TDP (tribe development programme). He is also trainers of IGP by 120 trades of small businesses.

  • Clerk - Office staff


    She is a Diploma Holder in Teacher training and has been working for the last 4 years in the organisation. He has knowledge in computer and accountancy. She has experienced both office administration and field work.

  • Computer Operation


    She is a degree and diploma holder in and D.Ted. She has been working since the last 6 years in the organisation. She is also good knowledge and experience in both administration and field work.

  • Organiser


    He is a forest dweller and being in SIrumalai Hills, which is our one of the main working area. He has been working in the field office and Tribal Development Programme. He has more links with tribe people and a dedicative worker.

  • Project Coordinator


    He is a degree holder (B.A) and has an experience 20 years in social works. he has been working in our organisation since the last two years but he was volunteer for 5 more years before the staff engagement. He is the project coordinator and in charge of Pudukkottai district programme.

  • Organiser

    Ms.Shanmuagasundari DA,D.Coop,

    She is a diploma Holder and has been working in our project office, Vedaraniyam as Organiser cum trainer after one year he worked as skill trainer. She experienced in social work for the last 10 years.

  • Organiser cum teacher

    Ms.Vallarasi B.A

    She is a degree holder (BA) and has been working in our project office, Vedaraniyam as Organiser She experienced in social work for the last 5 years.

  • Skill Trainer


    She is 28 years old and completed HSC. she has been working in the social organisation since the last 7 years. She joined in the last year with us. She is a good people organiser and trainer. Now she is working in Vedaraniaym

  • Staff Member


    Mrs.Manjula is diploma Holder and working as trainer cum organizer in Sivagangai district. She has more experience in social works.

  • Teacher


    Ms.Jaya is a teacher in our educational centre. She has experience in educational field five more years.

  • Photo Technician


    Mr.M.Ramesh is ITI holder and photo technician. He has been working for Documentation in our organization for the last 3 years.

  • Teacher


    Mrs.M.Bakiayalakshmi, teacher in Pudur, where the retrieved tribe people are settled and the children is under education by special school run by ROSI FOUNDATION

  • Project Organiser


    She is project organiser and skill trainer working since 2010 .