Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  • Who and when we are?
    Ours is a non-governmental voluntary organisation and working in India. Since the establishment of 2001, we have been working for the deprived and discriminated people.

  • what are the registrations with competent authorities and legal identities?
    It was a registered under the Indian trust act in 2001, under FCRA act of Home ministry of India in 2006 and under Income Tax Act 12A & 80G in 2007-08

  • Is a gender concern organisation or not?
    Definitely it is an organisation with a concept of gender equality in all aspects as below. It has a separate Gender Policy (please see it). Most of the members are women in board and executive body / decision making body. Most of the staff is women in administration and field level. Most of the beneficiaries are women in all project / programmes.

  • Have any organization/institution rated ROSI FOUNDATION?
    Yes, CREDIBILTY ALLIANCE has accredited under desirable norms for accountability and transparency with good governance. It has been become as partner by United Nation Orgnaisation, GLOBAL GIVING FOUNDATION, Silicon Valley Foundation, Guidestar and Letzdream Foundation after their strict due diligence process / listing process. Google grant programme has also approved for partnership.

  • How does it get funds for works / programmes?
    Presently WDP (World Women's day prayer Germany committee) Fund is as definite fund for the three years that is for Sustainable empowerment of community for prevention of trafficking and human rights violence on tribe women and girls. Other programmes are survived by individual donations and contribution directly to organization or through our online donors ie GLOBAL GIVING FOUNDATION, Silicon Valley Foundation and Letzdream foundation. We are planning our programme at the starting of the every financial year but no fund is definite to the programmes during the planning. Then only it is collected from various sources.

  • What is percentage of the administration overhead?    Has organization any financial policy?
    Above 85 % of the fund is utlised for the programme expenses and the remaining only is used for administration. It has separate financial policy as Investment Policy and Purchase and sales of asset policy.

  • Who benefits from the programme organized by you?
    Our organization is giving first priority to the people those who are under very bottom level of society as deprived and discriminated. In our identification, tribe, dailit, destitute aged, destitute widows, poor children and women. So our works are on going for their rights and developments.

  • Example : our environmental programme give income and other benefits to the direct beneficiaries but the environmental protection and livelihoods development reach the entire community as beneficiaries, whoever are indirect beneficiaries. Similarly, we plan the programme to reach various levels of people as beneficiaries.

  • What is about sustainability and participatory concept of your organisation?
    All programmes are designed with strategies for attaining sustainability and participatory.

  • Are you involving only in the development works or both of development and issues based?
    Yes we are involving on both development and issues based programmes. Human rights issues, women issues and child issues are our main programmes.

  • Where are you working and who are the specified target people?
    Tamil Nadu state in India, are our working areas, where Tribe, Dalit, Women, Child, Destitue aged and unorganized sector workers are our main target people.

  • Can we get tax exemption when we send money to your organisation?
    Yes, you can get tax exemption if we have registration u/s 12 AA and 80 G of the Income act.

  • How can we send money to your programme?
    You can send money to our bank accounts directly. If you are within India, you may send money to our local account or if you are in abroad, you may send to FCRA account. (see the details at about us page). Further you can donate to our causes / specified programme through donation button as direct donation, Global Giving Foundation and other buttons shown in home page. The organizations have listed us and been collecting money to us.

  • How do you work in vast areas and different programmes?
    It is must one NGO like us if our vision is broad one. The works / programmes and working areas are needed to reach toward the vision of the organisation. Small work and very limited areas of works can not reach the vision. Because our programmes are having relations or links with others and similarly the target people also are getting the links and relationship each to other. Further we have project offices in the working areas for easily approach of the target people and the office are in three places as shown in the above target area.

  • How can we know that whether our money sent, get progress or not?
    The programmes "development will be sent to you and in some cases, the beneficiaries" communication will be also done to you. Each programme gets compulsory evaluation and documentation that are our strategies to realize the feed back and progress of the programme. The fund receipt acknowledgement and the progress report will be sent to the all donor.

  • What about the accountability and transparency of the organization?
    ROSI FOUNDATON is a accredited member of Credibility Alliance (Mumbai) member and following credibility alliance (CA) Norms. Its annual report is published every year that is containing the followings.

  • Activities and reviews on the achievements
  • Abridged financial statement
  • Salary benefits
  • Name of Board members and position

  • The annual report is given to donors, beneficiaries and people concerned. Our website is having the annual report on PDF files and any body can download it. Each and every programmes in the completion are uploaded / displayed in the website with more details. The project and funds are put openly to all members of the organization, staff and people concerned. In other side, most of porgramme are being implemented with participatory approaches.

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