Ms.Roland Kreiger General Secretary , Right Sharing for World Resource (RSWR), US

RSWR provided a grant of Rs. 2,17,350 in 2007 to implement the project, "Sustainable Income for Urban Slum Women through Turkish Rearing". The project was completed in a timely manner, was effectively implemented, and a full report provided. When a RSWR representative visit the project the experience was very positive and inspiring. In short, I can highly recommend Mrs. C. Selvi and ROSI as an able and inspiring partner. Roland Kreager, RSWR Executive Director

Ms.Petra Shakya, Project Officer Asia, Women's World Day of Prayer - German committee

Women's World Day of Prayer - German Committee has supported the work of ROSI Foundation because we value its focus on working with Dalits in rural areas. Furthermore we appreciate the fact that ROSI Foundation follows a rights-based approach in its work.

Ms. Kanchan Tuli, Executive Director of Credibility Alliance, CREDIBILITY ALLIANCE

ROSI Foundation is a Credibility Alliance voluntary member since July 2008.In July 2010, it was accredited for compliance with desirable norms of accountability, transparency and good governance as promoted by Credibility Alliance.

Ms.Mangaiyarkarasi, MSW

In my 4 year experience with the organisation, i am more satisfied that its works are reachable for rural and hilly people. Tribe works in Siurmlai Hills, Home for aged, widows, destituted and victims, and human rights works for Dalit and tribe are the most appreciable.

Mr.Murugesan, Teacher

ROSI Foundation is an excellent organisation in tribe, dalit and women issues taken and similarly in development activities. They are striving to get results of each activity and they well plan each and very activities before implement. Further staff team

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